Brother Can You Spare a Linn?

At a recent press event held at Genesis Audio in Irvine, California, Linn launched two new lines of speakers—the Artikulat and the Komponent. The Artikulat is Linn's latest entry in the increasingly crowded, price-no-object category of audio and video kit, as they say in the UK, where Linn is based (Scotland, actually).

Most of the Artikulat's sales will likely be to the high-end custom-installation market, but they are so elegant-looking it would be a shame to hide them behind a screen or false wall. There are three full-range models in the line: the 5-way, floor-standing 350A; the 4-way, stand-mountable 320A; and the 5-way, stand-mounted, center-channel 340A. There's also a subwoofer—which Linn refers to as a "bass reinforcement loudspeaker"—called the 345, which is equipped with a servo-controlled, 12-inch driver and 500-watt amplifier.

The Artikulat line is Linn's latest entry in the price-no-object category.

All the full-range models utilize Linn's 3-K driver array of midrange, tweeter, and supertweeter. The "A" suffix indicates that they are fully powered, with multiple onboard Linn Chakra amps (a total of 1750 watts in each 350A). The speakers are also available with only the bass section powered, with passive crossovers serving the remaining drivers; these have the same model numbers without the "A" suffix. The latter configuration lets you use your choice of external amps (one or more) on each channel.

Be sure to bring a checkbook with a hefty balance. The fully powered 350A is priced at $39,000/pair, the 320A at $22,000/pair, and the 340A center-channel at $17,000 each. Matching stands for the 320A and 340A will run you just over $500 each. The 345 subwoofer is priced at $7000. The versions with only the bass driver powered are priced a bit lower, but if you have to ask…

The new Komponent speakers are still not budget-priced, but they're less likely to cause a serious case of sticker-shock. Designed specifically for multichannel applications, the full-range models include the 110 floor-stander ($1150 each), 104 compact ($500 each; $300 each for stands), and 106 center-channel ($1000 each), while the bottom is taken up by the 120 sub…er…bass reinforcement loudspeaker ($1500 each).

The Komponent line is designed for multichannel applications.

All the full-range Komponent speakers use Linn's 2-K driver array, a scaled-down version of the similar arrays used the Linn Komri, Artikulat, and Akurate designs. (If you haven't figured it out already, Linn is seriously addiKted to the letter K.) The 106 may be used as a center-channel speaker, or its 2-K array may be rotated 90 degrees for use as a vertically oriented, left- and right-channel speaker (wall-mounting brackets are provided). All of the full-range Komponent models are equipped with terminals that allow for multi-way amplification on each channel (not included), if desired.

The squashed sphere, flying saucer-like shape of the 120 powered bass reinforcement loudspeaker will fit into places that a conventional subwoofer cannot—possibly even under your favorite chair.

All Artikulat and Komponent models should be available in September.