Blu-ray Review: The Green Hornet Page 3


In addition to a marginally funny gag reel and a handful of deleted scenes, you get a commentary by Gondry, Rogen, co-writer Evan Goldberg, and producer Neal Moritz. They clearly enjoyed making the movie, and they’re all kind of fun to listen to. If only some more of the commentary’s sensibility had worked its way into the finished film.

As for the six making-of featurettes totaling almost a full hour: Unless you’re related to one of the principals, or you’re a Rogen fan nonpareil, you’ve got better things to do with an hour of your life, trust me.

Gondry has proven himself to be an inventive filmmaker. This, after all, is the director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Be Kind Rewind, and he’s currently making a documentary on Noam Chomsky. It’s a little hard to believe that, in the end, The Green Hornet gave him any sort of buzz.