Blu-ray Disc Review: Knight and Day

20th Century Fox
Movie ••½ Picture •••Sound ••••Extras ••½

Start with Tom Cruise as an International Superspy, Killer-Smile Division. Toss in a generous portion of Cameron Diaz as a hot and surprisingly capable Girl Next Door. Add big-budget action sequences and a dollop of PG-13-rated sexual tension. Mix well. The result: Hollywood escapism of the pure popcorn sort. Just don’t be surprised if you forget everything about this movie 5 seconds after the disc stops playing.

Knight and Day looks good and sounds great on Blu-ray. Colors pop with nary a hint of smearing or bleeding, and there’s nice, robust grayscale definition. Overall, image detail in the 2.40:1 picture is fine, but I did notice some occasional softness in both foreground and background elements. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix has plenty of sizzle, with the surround channels put to use early and often — particularly in the many action sequences, where we’re placed in a wide, involving three-dimensional soundscape.

Unless you’re an obsessive Cruise and/or Diaz fan, the extras (like the movie) are kind of silly, but at least they’re all in high-def. See Tom meet the Black Eyed Peas and plug the movie. . . . Listen to Cameron giggle and plug the movie. . . . Where’s that popcorn?