Beyerdynamic’s New Wireless Earbuds Boast Personalized Sound

Headphone specialist beyerdynamic has expanded its Byrd family of in-ear headphones with wireless earbuds that incorporate the company’s app-based MOSAYC sound personalization technology.

The new Blue Byrd ($149) earbuds support wireless streaming via aptX-enabled Bluetooth and include an app that analyzes your hearing to create a personal sound profile that acoustically adapts the headphone’s response to your hearing.

Introduced last year with the company’s high-end Aventho headphones, the MIY (“make it yours”) app from Berlin-based Mimi Defined is said to improve the listening experience by “compensating for the loss or fading of individual parts of the sound mosaic” caused by hearing loss that occurs over time. Beyerdynamic explains it this way: “Based on the personal listening profile, the missing ‘stones’ are put back into the mosaic.”

The Blue Byrd earbuds features an “extra flat design” to ensure comfort, aluminum earbud housings, and a flexible cable “optimized to reduce mechanical noise” with an in-line microphone/three-button remote for Android and iOS phones.

Battery life is rated for up to six hours per charge and the earbuds include reusable ear tips in five sizes, a USB charging cable, and a carrying case.

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