Best Buy Goes Green

All the major retailers want you to buy new stuff, but what about your old stuff? You know, those old VHS players, Betamax decks, CD players and HD DVD players that are of no use to you. Where do obsolete electronics go to die?

Best Buy has a solution! (Actually, we just recently offered you some solutions too, but this post isn't about us).

Best Buy is testing a new and free recycling program for old electronics - regardless of where you bought them. The program is going to be in 117 stores scattered through California (no surprise there), Minneapolis, Baltimore, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. If successful, recycling will be expanded to all 922 U.S. Best Buy locations.

BestbuyWhy wait before nationwide rollout? Best Buy wants to make sure they can handle the waste materials, and to see if consumers take an interest. Consumers can only bring in two pieces a day, and there are limits - console TVs, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and other large appliances cannot be left behind. It should be note that all Best Buy stores have been taking in other waste products, including cell phones, printer cartridges and batteries.

Perhaps the rationale is that if you bring your old CRT TV and VCR to be recycled at Best Buy, you'll turn around and buy a new plasma and Blu-ray player while you're there. Wonder if they'll recycle the popcorn containers and soda cans that go with that? -Leslie Shapiro

Via The Washington Post