Audioengine 5 Amplified Speaker System At A Glance & Ratings

At A Glance: Audioengine 5 Amplified Speaker System

Inputs: Minijack (2, top and back)
Outputs: USB (top) power only, no audio or data

These listings are based on the manufacturer's stated specs; the HT Labs box below indicates the gear's performance on our test bench.

Audioengine 5 Speaker System:
Type: Two-way
Tweeter (size in inches, type): 1, silk dome
Woofer (size in inches, type): 5, Kevlar cone
Number of Amp Channels: 2
Power Rating (watts per channel): 45 RMS

Processing Modes: None
Available Finishes: White
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 10 x 7 x 7.75
Weight (pounds): 14 left, 9 right, 23 total
Price: $349

Ratings: Audioengine 5 Amplified Speaker System

Build Quality: 96
• Rounded corners and glossy-white finish are very appealing
• Smooth silk dome tweeters
• Tough Kevlar woofers

Value: 93
• Pricing identical to Apple iPod Hi-Fi
• Multiple applications
• What price coolness?

Features: 88
• Points off for absence of iPod dock
• But there are two other minijack inputs
• USB to recharge player, but no audio or data transfer

Performance: 95
• Optimized for compressed audio file formats
• Chunky boxes muster serious bass response
• Midrange is sweet, smooth, and musically adept

Ergonomics: 89
• Suitable for both desktop and across-the-room use
• Supplied cables enable many other uses
• No dock

Overall Rating: 93
The Audioengine 5 grabbed my attention with two powered speakers that sound and look great. True, it's not an iPod-specific system. But it's designed specifically for compressed music formats. And it's versatile enough to sound right both close up and from across the room.

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