Apple iTunes Video Could Get Streaming - iTunes Replay

It's great that iTunes has so many great selections for entertainment. The problem is, how do you store all this material once you've downloaded it. A high-def video file is huge, and even if you don't buy it, renting requires you to have large amounts of storage available.

The Apple Insider is hinting of a new option besides downloading or renting: streaming, via Apple iTunes Replay. Brilliant. You'll still have the other options, but this is a great option, especially for storage-challenged iPhone/iPod users. The video you purchase can be viewed anywhere, on multiple devices.

Streaming should give Apple a boost as it gets pushed out by services such as Amazon Video-on-demand and Netflix's Roku.

This could be bundled into the upcoming iTunes 8 update. What will you do - buy or stream?  --Leslie Shapiro

Apple Insider