Anthem Delivers First Projector

Well known as a leading manufacturer of high-end electronics, Anthem has jumped into the business of high definition projectors with two high-performance three-panel 1920 x 1080p LCOS projectors, the LTX300 and LTX500. According to Jack Shafton, Anthem's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, "The video playback capabilities of the LTX projectors mesh perfectly with the industry-leading A/V processing available on our Anthem Statement D2v and AVM 50v. Our dealers can now offer a high-performance, turnkey video and A/V control solution to their customers.”

Both models feature:
• 2x High-precision zoom lens with motorized focus and auto dust cover
• Electronic lens shift
• Ultra-wide True-Fit™ screen mode
• Efficient ultra-low-noise fan
• Dual 1080p HDMI v1.3 (Deep Color) digital inputs
• Backlit remote • Gamma correction A motorized anamorphic lens is an optional feature.

The LTX 500 offers a few extras such as:
• Color Management System (providing ability to fine tune level and hue of RGBCMY individually)
• THX Certification with pre-calibrated movie settings optimized for Blu-ray and broadcast
• High contrast ratio: 50,000:1 (LTX 300 is 30,000:1)
• Dual 12V Triggers
• PC input
• 900 lumens light output (LTX 300 is 1000 lumens)
• 16 aperture steps for setting color and brightness

Owners of Anthem LTX projectors will receive white glove customer support through Anthem’s Preferred Service Program. Included with each projector is a half-off coupon for a user-installable projector replacement lamp (the typical lamp-life cycle of the bulb is 2,000 hours, or about 1,000 movies). The complementary program also offers next-business-day replacement for defective projector parts for the first six months and access to a special, Anthem projector-only tech support hotline.