64 GB Zune HD coming April 12th, older model prices drop $20

While it hasn't quite ousted Apple and their iPod from the top of the portable media player game, Microsoft's Zune HD has been doing quite well for itself. Starting on April 12th, it will be doing even better because users will officially be able to buy a version with 64 GB of storage for $350, which is $50 cheaper than a comparable iPod Touch. It's available for all of the Zune Originals customizations, just like its little siblings. If you don't need to carry that much data around in your pocket at all times, you can opt for the 16 GB or 32 GB models, both of which are receiving $20 price cuts, leaving their final prices at $200 and $270, respectively. The price cuts should be going into effect very soon, so be sure to check and make sure you're getting the lower price before making that online shopping cart official.

Official Zune HD site