2018 Top Picks of the Year Flat-Panel UHDTVs


Flat-Panel UHDTVs

Top Pick of the Year: LG OLED65C8PUA OLED UHDTV
(October/November) LG's latest C8 series OLED manages to exceed the performance of 2017's C7 series offering, a model that we had deemed to be near-perfect. While the improvements are evolutionary instead of revolutionary, the C8's significantly lower price brings OLED TV tech into the realm of possibility for more viewers. $3,499, lg.com

(September) This affordable Sony offering has the typical limitations of LCD technology (off-center uniformity, backlight blooming), but otherwise matches OLED in terms of color richness and resolution, and it exceeds OLED when it comes to displaying near-black detail and punchy HDR highlights. A budget-friendly but high-performance option if you're still scared off by OLED prices. $2,300, sony.com

(October/November) A local dimming backlight with QLED Quantum dot technology makes this second-from-top Samsung QLED series model an overachiever when it comes to shadow depth and color rendition. Combine that with a light-filtering screen surface and you have a TV capable of delivering rich-looking images in a range of lighting conditions. $2,799, samsung.com

Sony XBR-65Z9F LCD Ultra HDTV
(December/January) While the pricetag of this Sony Master series LCD model elevates it to the OLED realm, its rich blacks, spectacular HDR highlights, and wide off-center viewing angle—a unique performance advantage for a display that features a standard VA backlight—easily earn it top-dog status among the company's LCD offerings. $3,499, sony.com

Vizio PQ65-F1 LCD Ultra HDTV
(December 2018/January 2019) With this P-Series Quantum model, a company known for value-oriented TVs demonstrates that it also competes in the high-performance arena. For around $2,000 you get a set with near-full P3 color gamut coverage and a local dimming backlight that delivers exceptional HDR brightness and contrast. $2,100, vizio.com

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