2018 Top Picks of the Year Wireless Speakers


Wireless Speakers

Top Pick of the Year: SVS Prime Wireless speaker system
(February/March 2019) The key feature that distinguishes this wireless speaker system is its sound quality. Yes, it has DTS Play-Fi for wireless multiroom streaming and is Amazon Alexa-compatible. But an emphasis on stereo performance and the inclusion of a subwoofer output indicate that audiophile concerns were front-and-center during the design process. $600, svsound.com

Apple HomePod Wireless Smart Speaker
(June) It came as no surprise to find Apple's first smart speaker to be an Apple-centric proposal that locks you into the company's AirPlay/Siri/Apple Music ecosystem, but reviewer Rob Sabin was nonetheless impressed with its ergonomics and characterized it as “the best-sounding small speaker” he'd yet tested. $349, apple.com

Kanto SYD Powered Bluetooth Speaker
(October/November) With a name that evokes the legendary, late founding Pink Floyd member, Kanto's SYD also managed to impress us with its good looks, easy setup, and excellent sound quality for a Bluetooth speaker. $330, kantoaudio.com

Riva Concert Wireless Smart Speaker
(February/March 2019) Riva Audio's Alexa-compatible offering manages to stand out from the smart speaker crowd through its Bluetooth and high-res audio streaming support along with notably full-sounding bass for a compact model. Review coming soon to soundandvision.com. $179, rivaaudio.com