2018 Top Picks of the Year Extras



Top Pick of the Year: Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital Headphone Amp/DAC
(September) This compact headphone amp/DAC provides optical, coaxial, and USB digital inputs, and its analog outputs and volume control let it also function as a stereo preamp. DSD and MQA support, smooth sound quality, and a reasonable price make this a magic box indeed. $399, pro-jectusa.com

iFi nano iDSD Black Label headphone amp/DAC
(April) With an ability to handle up to 32/384 high-res PCM and up to quad-rate DSD plus dual outputs for different headphone types, this compact amp/DAC's flexibility is matched by its great sound quality. $199, ifi-audio.com

Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater
(May) If you want a home theater but don't have room for one, this mobile theater solution combining a headset with HD-resolution OLED display goggles and active noise-cancelling headphones could be the ticket. Reviewer Rob Sabin was impressed enough with its performance that he didn't mind attracting attention when donning it on a cross-country flight. $800, royole.com/moon

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