200-disc Blu-ray changer coming from Crestron

What's better than one Blu-ray disc? Two hundred of them, all stacked in a neat little carousel for you to load and play at your leisure. Crestron is making that dream a reality with the ADC-200BR, a 200-disc Blu-ray super-changer that, combined with the media system it requires to run it, costs more than a new Honda.

The ADC-200BR can store up to 200 Blu-ray Discs, or any combination of Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and CDs. It can also be daisy-changed together with up to four additional units, letting you store an impressive library of 1,000 discs. According to EngadgetHD, the ADC-200BR requires Crestron's Adagio ADMS system (pictured; Crestron has yet to release photos of the ADC-200BR) to work, adding another $7,000 to the changer's $9,000 price tag ($45,000 if you want the 1,000-disc option). It's pretty steep — but in fairness, 1,000 individual Blu-ray players would cost at least $300,000 and take up much more room. When you look at it that way, it's practically a bargain.

Will Greenwald