150 Inches, Not the Sky, is the Limit

Well, I might as well cancel my tickets and hotel reservations now. Looks like no one is going to attempt to out-size the 150-inch TV display at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year. Why bother going if not to gawk at the latest prototype monstrosity being shown as the "World's Largest Display" at the show? Neither Panasonic nor Sharp, the two likeliest contenders, are planning on going large. Whenever I get back from Vegas, that's all anyone can ask me about. What will I talk about if not the world's biggest display?

In a recent interview, the president of Panasonic's Professional Display division has said that the current size is the "natural stopping point." Reasons?

The current 150-inch size is a natural mathematical extension of a 3x3 grid of 50-inch displays. Plus, anything bigger than 150 inches becomes rather difficult to move into a building, forget about shipping it there in the first place. Maybe if you built the building around the TV? Now that's a concept . . . —Leslie Shapiro

Yahoo Tech