1080p LCD Rules the Roost

The most popular resolution in LCD HDTVs is now 1080p. The majority of LCD sets sold last year have 1080p resolution, Quixel Research has revealed in its LCD TV Market Review.

While 1080p was already dominant in 40-inch-plus models, it is now dominant in all models, as of the fourth quarter of 2010. The market share of 1080p was 51 percent in 2010 overall and rose to 54 percent in the fourth quarter of that year.

The loser, of course, is 720p and lesser standard-def resolutions. Though 720p is officially classified as HDTV in the ATSC format specs (with fewer than a million pixels onscreen), it has always competed with 1080i/p (with more than two million pixels onscreen) at the high end of the market. It looks as though the high end has moved down toward the middle.

Overall LCD shipments were up 25 percent from last year's third to fourth quarters and up 3 percent in the fourth quarter compared to the previous year. Revenues were also up. However, dropping prices and weak demand are still pinching the TV makers.

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