10 Dreamcast Games Still Worth Playing Today

Before Xbox, Game Cube and even PS2 came around SEGA introduced the world to a console that was far ahead of anything we've played before: Dreamcast. It was 128 bits of awesome and it broke the mold on online game play, offered memory cards with a screen, and had a slew of games that still rival some current releases when it comes to fun and playability. But all those great advances in game play probably led to the downfall in the system too as it was just too ahead of its time. So, whether you picked it up on launch day a decade ago in 1999, or you picked it up at a garage sale, it's time to celebrate its birthday. And, if you happened to forget some of the games you are grabbing, check out our favorites below and leave your own favorites in the comments.

Jet Grind Radio

It's truly a quintessential Dreamcast game. You run around tagging the city, trying to avoid hilarious looking cops. Hurray for digital debauchery.

Crazy Taxi

The challenges were extremely hard and the music was amazing. The Simpsons version was great, but the original is a true classic.


Before Madden took over and made football games harder than homework, this game reigned supreme. Yes, the controls were a little difficult on the mammoth controller, but the look and online action made up for that.


To make this game complete you had to get your hands on the SEGA Dreamcast MC2 Racing Wheel w/Pedals. With a full tilt steering wheel and shift attached this made any 10-year old (and 23-year-old) feel like they could jump into any sports car and hit the road.

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Like a lot of the fighting games this one had some annoying sound effects, but the amount of character we could play as were more then enough for any die-hard comic-book nerd. Even though this classic has made its way to the virtual consoles, original copies still fetch a pretty penny. They deserve it.

Sonic Adventure

This probably was the first game you were introduced to on the system, and SEGA didn't disappoint. Playing it now takes us back to a time before every Sonic game sucked hard.

Toy Commander

If you liked the movie Toy Story and imagined what it would be like to turn Andy's room into a battle zone this was the game for you. Yes, it was simplistic, but who doesn't like fighting a Godzilla-type creature while ducking for cover under a bed?

Soul Calibur

SEGA knew what to do with an intro in this game. This cinema style opening got us all geeked up prior to playing this game that when it was time to fight we were totally focused and ready to play for hours without a break.

Skies of Arcadia

Out of the dozens of RPG games that SEGA released this was one of the best. From the elaborate airships to t he smallest characters, this game used every part of its 128-bit processor.

Dead or Alive 2

Even if you thought the character voices and the story lines in this game were annoying, the game play was definitely addicting, especially, when it came to the multiple leveled platforms in some of the arenas.