’70s Flashback: Forgotten Brands A-Z, Part 1

Akai (July 1977, art by Charles Bragg), BIC (1975), Carver (1980)

Enjoy this multi-part collage recalling long-forgotten audio brands, represented here by iconic advertising of the day.

In this installment, we’ve covered A through M. We’ll finish the alphabet in a future installment.

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What have we missed? Do you own any of the components featured in these ads or have a story to tell? Share your throwback stories in Comments!

dbx (May 1978), EPI (September 1973), Fisher (July 1978)

Hitachi (April 1978), Garrard (May 1973), Jensen (July 1978)

Leslie (March 1975), Luxman (August 1978), Maxell (September 1980)