SōLIS Goes Retro with Tube-Based Minisystems

SōLIS, a new audio brand “created for people who value iconic styling and exceptional sound quality in equal measure,” has introduced two reasonably priced compact stereo systems featuring a pair of speakers and a hybrid tube/solid-state amplifier that supports wireless streaming.

The centerpiece of both models is a retro-styled integrated amplifier finished in gloss black and accented with a pair of 12AX7 preamp vacuum tubes with a rated life of 5,000 hours. Both models support aptX-enabled Bluetooth streaming and have two RCA inputs

The SO-7500 system ($400) has a rated power output of 2 x 12 watts and includes a pair of 9-inch-tall two-way speakers, each with a 3.5-inch woofer and 1.25-inch soft-dome tweeter.

The SO-8000 system ($550) is rated at 2 x 17 watts and includes a “Magic Eye” tube VU meter that indicates power output and a larger set of speakers, also two-way, but with 5-inch woofers in 12-inch-tall cabinets.

A generous set of accessories is included with each model: two 6-foot speaker cables with banana plugs, a 6-foot stereo RCA cable, a pair of cotton gloves, and a soft brush.

For more information, visit solisaudio.com.

pw's picture

Tube are the way to go..
Especially if you are a middle aged man.. The reason is Midrange Sweetness and most males have lost their top end hearing anyway..

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middle aged men, yes they think that way,.......
and your right most middle age man are stone deaf,....


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looks exactly like my Fatman tube amp,..a bit updated thats all.
So nothing new here,...made in China?


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I have a "Fatman" preamp the Dared MC-7p.. I'm running them with 4 Vincent Monoblocks (the ones with a small tube visible in the front..