Sharp Announces Availability of Aquos Quattron+ Series TVs

Sharp has announced the nationwide availability of its Aquos Quattron+ series of televisions it unveiled at the 2014 International CES in January. Q+ models accept native 4K signals and incorporate proprietary Revelation technology, which divides each subpixel in the display to create 10 million more subpixels than a standard 1080p HDTV for a playback resolution between standard HD and Ultra HD.

Two Q+ series models are currently available in Sharp’s SQ line: the 60-inch LC-60SQ15U ($2,000) and the 70-inch LC-70SQ15U ($2,700). Three models in the flagship UQ line are scheduled to arrive in stores in mid-March: the 60-inch LC-60UQ17U ($2,500), the 70-inch LC-70UQ17U ($3,300), and the 80-inch LC-80UQ17U ($6,000). Features offered in UQ models include THX certification, a brushed aluminum bezel, active 3D with two pairs of glasses, Bluetooth audio, and a 35-watt sound system.

The company says Q+ TVs are priced significantly lower than 4K/Ultra HD sets because they are built using a 1080p panel. A video about Q+ technology is available at

All Q+ TVs include Sharp’s new SmartCentral 3.0 platform built around a smart guide that integrates cable, satellite, and streaming channels and enables searching by title, genre, time, and popularity. The platform helps viewers discover new content by providing recommendations based on preferences and comes pre-loaded with apps for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora, Rhapsody, and Facebook.

A free SmartCentral 3.0 mobile app enables viewers to use iOS and Android devices as remote controls and connect to the TV for sharing pictures, videos, and music. Q+ TVs are also equipped with a built-in Internet browser and a split screen mode for watching TV while simultaneously browsing the Web.

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Love the middle of the road position these take in resolution. If only they used that for a Full HD 3D feature with passive glasses, I would be buying the 80". I have never seen better 3D than on a Ultra HD LG (84 inch) with passive. Simply WOW, with no crosstalk, bright, and most importantly, cheap, light glasses. And Full HD.

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I am enjoying the Sharp without any complaints. Not for the price I paid at least. I had two magazines that raved about it (one more than the other, but both give it good scores), Poc Network gave it a 9/10 score (source: ) and I had seen it in store and learned that it looks really really really nice. No it is not 4K, yes it is 2K (kind of) and yes it does look like it (kind of more like slightly enhanced 1080p). 80-inch TVs are not cheap, and you are paying a bit extra for this one because it is HUGE, and also a 240hz refresh rate. All sets take a jump in price when you jump from 60 to 120 to 240hz refresh ratings. I think a lot of people are going to want this until the year comes that true 4K screens hit 80 inches at a good price. I use mine mostly for movies and Xbox (don't watch a lot of TVs). We just watched the Guardians BluRay, and it was super awesome. Originally I though I wanted to go projection with a bigger screen in that room (it's a big room), but after hanging the Sharp on the wall, I realized that 80 inches really looks like :D