Miller & Kreisel Brand Returns

The venerable Miller & Kreisel loudspeaker brand is making a comeback. When a Danish company bought the brand in 2007, it was forced to take the name MK Sound. But new products being released for the 40th anniversary will wear the M&K (as opposed to MK) badge. These THX Ultra2–certified products include the S-300 monitor ($3,500/each), MP-300 on-wall speaker ($3,350/each), and S-300T on-wall tripole speaker ($4,000/pair).

javanp's picture

Considering the substantial price jump over the S-150, I wonder how much the performance has improved.

And did they really put the etched-in logo on the reflective surface for the middle tweeter? If their goal is superbly precise phase alignment, that just seems like a poor design decision. At least make them all the same.

David Vaughn's picture
I have the S300s in for review right now and yes, they did put a logo there, but it doesn't negatively affect the sound. Look for the review to be coming out in an upcoming issue.