Yahoo, Intel Push Internet-enabled TV

Seems like everyone is looking to bridge the gap between your computer and TV. Yahoo and Intel are the latest to join the party. They've allied with some of the big names in the TV world, including Samsung and Toshiba.

Yahoo hopes the Widget Channel will catch on, while Intel wants to get its foot in the door as the processor-of-choice for TV manufacturers.

How does Yahoo plan to make this possible?

According to Patrick Barry, VP of Yahoo's Connected TV Initiative in a CEA report, "We do not see it as a niche offering in a few high-end models. We see this as moving into the mainstream. In 2009 we're going to see good penetration into the product lineups of the consumer electronics companies. Beginning in 2010, I think, you're going to see Internet-connected consumer electronics devices dominating the lineup."

They're putting a lot of research into this. They've discovered that folks don't want a menu on the side of the screen, they want a bar across the bottom of the screen. They want one button that clears the screen to bring back the main TV program, and go figure - no one wants to add another remote control to their collection.Yahoo_tv_leftdock

What do you think? Surfing while watching from one device? One-click to check the weather without having to power up your computer? Or leave the PC on the desk. Where it should be. --Leslie Shapiro

Photos courtesy of Yahoo