Xbox 360 Gets Streaming Netflix

Got Xbox?  Hope you didn't spend all your lunch money on a Roku box, because you're about to become redundant. I hate it when that happens.

Netflix's online streaming library is going to be available on Xbox 360 systems, most likely this fall. If you have a current Netflix subscription, you'll be able to stream movies directly to your Xbox console. Got friends? With a Netflix Gold account, you'll be able to share movies through Xbox Live so you can watch together.

Is the whole Netflix library available?

Picture_5 Currently, the Netflix library on their "Watch Instantly" list is somewhat limited. There are about 10,000 titles, compared to the 100,000 available by mail. However, if you're willing to explore, you'll find plenty of options, especially since you're not paying individually for the titles.

Apple has about 1,000 titles on its Apple TV service, but the titles are a bit fresher.

A hack was previously available, but this integrated, official arrangement is gonna be sweet.

The options for watching movies are getting better and better. The old business model of driving to the store is becoming more and more outdated daily. -Leslie Shapiro