Would You Upgrade to Dolby Atmos Surround?

Last week’s announcements from Onkyo, Pioneer, and others that the Dolby Atmos surround-sound format used in a growing number of movie theaters is making its way to home gear has created quite a buzz. While it’s still early days, the format appears to hold great promise for taking the home theater experience to new heights. Editor Rob Sabin referred to Atmos as “probably the most discernable advance in home theater sound since the introduction of lossless digital audio in the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats on Blu-ray.” (See his first impressions and our news coverage here.)

Are you ready for the next generation of technology and, if so, would you upgrade your home theater to Dolby Atmos? Cast your vote and leave a comment to share your thoughts.

Would You Upgrade to Dolby Atmos Surround?
Yes, with the new Atmos-enabled speakers that reflect sound off the ceiling
6% (57 votes)
Yes, but only with properly installed ceiling speakers
20% (185 votes)
Maybe, but I’ll wait to hear a demo and read the expert and user reviews
30% (281 votes)
I’d spend the money if there was enough Atmos-encoded software to make it worthwhile
12% (110 votes)
No, it costs too much to add the extra speakers and amp channels
12% (110 votes)
No, installing new/extra speakers and amp channels is too much of a hassle
20% (184 votes)
Total votes: 927

utopianemo's picture

I am planning on picking up an Atmos-enabled Pioneer Elite SC-85 when it is available, but I was going to do that anyway, more for HDMI 2.0 and Class D amplification than anything else. Since it will also happen to have Atmos capabilities, why the heck not put a few speakers in the ceiling?

But I'm also due for a speaker upgrade, so if the Andrew Jones Atmos Elites are well-reviewed, maybe I'll pick them up too.

dnoonie's picture


I voted Maybe but there's more to it than that. After listening and hearing the difference I'd have to determine which speaker locations would make the most difference (there are up to 64 channels available!), and I'd use discrete speakers none of the weird bounce tech stuff. I'd want to hear it in a room similar to my own dedicated HT room since I may not have enough space to add any more channels.

If I do hear a difference I may simply be willing to go see more movies in the theater rather than spending thousands more on gear I may very well just spend another $50 or $100 a year on movie tickets.

BobHD1's picture

I recently saw Edge of Tomorrow in an Atmos enhanced theater and really enjoyed it but I'm not likely to incorporate Atmos in to my home theater any time soon. I just purchased a new Pioneer Elite receiver and Def Tech speaker system las fall and will be keeping them for several years.

lee vitalone's picture

But what about the DTS system? It seems most BD are DTS anyway-I'll wait to see this 1st, then an add on to existing AVR's Then speakers to match it all? I bought my house once-but bought about 4 AVR's upgrading to the HD audio - ENOUGH!

HMB's picture

By your own words, Blue Ray is hurting - as more people are getting their movies from the internet or streaming. With that being the case, ATMOS has a slim chance.