Win Puss in Boots on Blu-ray

As we've been saying for a while now, 7.1's coming of age - and, with increasing frequency and utility, it's coming to home theaters.

With a growing list of releases taking advantage of those extra channels, why not take a chance with us and get yourself a copy of Puss in Boots on Blu-ray.

 The Shrek spinoff, with Antonio Banderas voicing the swashbuckling feline, sports a new multichannel mix, and comes to us courtesy of the nice folks at Dolby. For more on that, check out the video to see what rerecording mixer Anna Behlmer (who we heard from recently regarding her work on Super 8) has to say about mixing for animated features and the advantages of working in the 7.1 format.

Puss in Boots in Dolby 7.1 with Re-recording Mixer Anna Belhmer from Dolby Laboratories on Vimeo.

As usual, all you'll have to do to qualify to win is share your thoughts with us. This week's topic: Have you gone up to 7.1 in your own home yet? If so, what made you make the switch? And if you haven't (or you've remained resolutely two-channel), let us know your reasons for that too.  

The winners will be chosen randomly from among those who leave on-topic comments. Two lucky readers will receive a Blu-ray disc of Puss in Boots apiece. Please feel free to say what you like - even if you think surround's for suckers. We're OK with that. You will have to register, however - no anonymous commenters, we need a valid e-mail contact address to inform you of your win. We'll take entries until midnight (Eastern Time), on Wednesday, March 7th, and notify the winner via e-mail by Friday, March 9th.
Good luck!