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Will You Watch the Olympics in 3D?

As I report here, the 2012 Summer Olympics start in one week and will include some 242 hours of 3D coverage available to nearly 80 percent of US households from providers such as AT&T, Verizon, DirecTV, Cablevision, Comcast, and Time Warner. Unfortunately, the 3D programming will be delayed by one full day in relation to the 2D coverage, but even so, this is an historic development that could bring 3D broadcasting more into the mainstream.

I'll be watching the 3D coverage—will you? If not, is it because you choose not to or that you don't have a 3D display or broadcast source?

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Will You Watch the Olympics in 3D?

Snark's picture

You left out the you really care ? The answer for me would be a resounding NO

EVOnix's picture

My thought exactly.

The Olympics aren't very interesting anymore, too much doping, women turned into men, and political agendas. It's enormously expensive and a target for terrorists, which causes even more expense.

There are also too many specialized "who cares?" games, like synchronized swimming, or games that already exist and are extensively televised, like basketball.

I propose that to make The Olympics interesting again we need to go back to simple feats of brawn performed nude, just like the original Greeks.

Ratings would increase enormously.

David Vaughn's picture
I'll watch some of the Olympics, but watching in 3D has no appeal for me at all even though I have a 3D projector.
Jarod's picture

Yes I will watch them in 3D. Got the DVR set.

SunriseGatefield's picture

But I've cut the cord. My live TV watching is restricted to OTA so, no 3D broadcast for me. If I still had cable, I'd certainly check it out, especially the opening ceremony.

instybob's picture

the Olympics in 2D or 3D