White LED Versus RGB LED

Traditional LCD screens use fluorescent lighting components - cheap, reliable, but power-hungry. Lately, manufacturers have been using RGB LEDS in their backlight units, mainly in high-end units. While more expensive, they use less power, have better color reproduction, and in general, provide a better picture than CCFL (fluorescent) backlights.

However, manufacturers are now looking at using white LEDs

Though the performance of white LEDs aren't as good as RGBs, they cost less while keeping the energy saving advantages. This might bring LED-backlit panels out of the high-end range and increase demand.

The question is: does a slight energy savings make up for a lack of performance? Does energy consumption really play in the mind of a consumer when doing a side-by-side comparison? If the images were identical, it might. Do energy savings make up for an inferior picture when you're footing the bill?  -Leslie Shapiro


Image from Wikipedia