What's Your Take On 4K/Ultra HD?

It’s been two and a half years since we reviewed the world’s first 4K Ultra HD projector and the high-resolution 4K format hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. TV prices have been steep and 4K content has been hard to come by. The good news is set prices have been moving steadily downward and the availability of 4K content is expected to improve this year with Netflix and others leading the charge. So the question for this week’s poll is: What’s your take on 4K/Ultra HD? Choose the response that best describes your thoughts and, as always, leave a comment to expand on your choice. (For more on 4K/Ultra HD, see Tom Norton's "Ultra HD: Is It Soup Yet?".)
What's Your Take On 4K/Ultra HD?
I own a 4K/Ultra HD TV and watching my first movie in 4K was a life-changing experience
2% (17 votes)
I own a 4K/Ultra HD TV and watching my first movie in 4K left me wondering what all the fuss is about
0% (2 votes)
I don't own a 4K/Ultra HD TV and don't plan to buy one
5% (37 votes)
I don't own a 4K/Ultra HD TV but plan to buy one
18% (133 votes)
4K is a technology in search of a market
4% (32 votes)
4K offers a step up in video quality as long as you have a really big screen
11% (80 votes)
4K represents an evolution, not revolution, in image quality
8% (62 votes)
4K will be an awesome upgrade once content is readily available
17% (129 votes)
I 'm perfectly happy with my 1080p HDTV
13% (99 votes)
I'd like to skip 4K and go straight to OLED
21% (154 votes)
Total votes: 745

utopianemo's picture

4K looks great on a PJ, however I'm not giving 4K a second thought until expanded color gamut, compression schemes, HDR and HFR are standardized.

The various consortiums need to present the Next Big Thing as an overall package, not piecemeal little upgrades(which leaves little room for standardization). That's going to be the only way to get the consumers on-board and enthusiastic about it.

K.Reid's picture

I voted for 4K, in its current state, being evolution rather than revolution. Even if manufacturers bring prices down, consumers must see a definitive difference in picture quality to justify a purchase. Big box stores will need to show a/b comparisons to aid consumers in making purchasing decisions. Personally, I think it' is a waste of time to purchase a 4K set without one being able to display full resolution and expanded color gamut, bit depth and larger screen sizes.

Screen size brings up another issue. Without a large screen size - say 75 inch, will the consumer see a dramatic difference in quality between the above and a 60-65 inch set? This is why I think passage of rec2020 is significant because smaller screen sizes where a scaled image to near 4K or a native 4K picture may not be immensely apparent will still benefit by and expanded color gamut that could be appealing to more consumers. The other issue is at what point will consumers say, "Well, if 4K is only apparent to my non videophile eyes on a very large screen size and my viewing room cannot accommodate a 75" inch or higher screen, then such consumer may elect to bypass 4K and stick with 1080P 60" and below screen size." Also, the lack of HDMI 2.0, revised HDCP and, most importantly, content will hamper widespread adoption.

I do not think in the nonvideophile's eyes and wallet that 4K will revolutionize TV. This stated, once content increases via Blu/red ray or Netflix or Broadcast; expanded color gamut occurs; and OLED matures then more widespread acceptance will occur.

dnoonie's picture

I voted Skip to OLED.

Most TV sales show rooms have the customer standing 2' or 3' from the screen, so of course customers will see the difference on the show room floor. Once they get the TV home though and are sitting 12' or 15' from the TV they won't see the difference...but they won't know any better.

Even so if I could fit a 75" or 80" TV in my theater room I'd consider a 4k. Price being equal I'd pick OLED as long as they got the bugs worked out.

I'd choose 4k not for more resolution as much as for better color.

Harold Hall's picture

I specially purchased a high-quality huge 4K/Ultra HD TV in order to watch football. When the TV is huge with a high-quality and clear picture, it's like you're in a live football arena. And now I want to start actively betting on sports. But so far I don't know where to start and what to pay attention to.