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What Is Your Next Home Theater Purchase? is all about helping you select the best audio/video components for your needs and budget and then setting up those components so they look and sound as good as they possibly can. This naturally leads me to wonder what our readers are shopping for.

So I ask you—what is your next home-theater purchase? A new flat panel or projector? A Blu-ray player? Part of the audio system? Or are you planning to jump in with both feet and get an entire home-theater system all at once? Once you vote, I'd love to read more details. What makes and models are you considering? Will the new component be 3D-capable? Will it offer online streaming? What components do you already have?

Vote to see the results and leave a comment about your choice.

What Is Your Next Home Theater Purchase?

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...I'd love to know what type of component you'll be getting. Please leave a comment, because inquiring minds want to know!

Otherwise, I'd love to know what makes and models of TVs, AVRs, etc. you are considering. Don't be shy, leave a comment!

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I don't know if you'd consider this a "component" but my next purchase will be some more acoustic panels and bass traps. I'm looking at GIK and ATS, particularly some corner tri-traps, a couple of acoustic panels/bass traps, and maybe a couple of the new "Art" type panels.

I just purchased a new Denon AVR-4311CI (love it), and maybe next year a sub upgrade (looking at Seaton Submersives).

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I absolutely consider acoustic treatments to be a "component" of a home theater system, and I should have included that in my list of choices. Thanks for bringing it up!
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Already had a system in my living room, but recently remodeled the game room to include bar and pool table, so wanted to get a good system in there. I sprung for the new Panasonic 65" plasma set, along with a Pioneer Elite VSX-53 AVR, Monitor Audio speakers and a Velodyne sub. Also got an OPPO BDP-93 blu-ray player. I'm not too keen on the 3D thing, but since all the new gear has it built in, it's almost like a freebee. I may even try it someday. Got it all (except the OPPO) from Wilshire Home Entertainment in Thousand Oaks, CA. Great bunch of guys there, Kevin Whitmer is the best! Should be getting it installed next week. I hope they get this NFL thing fixed so we can have some big screen football!

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I'm hoping my 1st generation Panasonic plasma can hold out long enough until my purchase can be a flat panel which actually exceeds the Kuro in picture quality AND is able to produce ZERO lumens exactly when and precisely where needed.

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If I were really in the market for a component, it would probably be a 7.1 channel receiver with HDMI switching, as an upgrade from my older 5.1 channel system with digital optical-in only.

But in fact, I will be buying "other," and it is going to be a "TV Armor" screen protector, as we are expecting our first child at the end of September.

I'm not looking forward to having a glossy cover over my television (the 52EX700 has a lovely semi-matte screen), but I really don't want my next purchase to be a new television. I want this TV to last a decade. So I'll make the visual sacrifice for a few years.

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I am looking to seriously upgrade my speakers, before I really got addicted to home theater I purchased a Klipsch home theater in a box, which I am very happy with, but I have upgraded all other portions of my system, and now I'm back to the speakers as the next thing. Looking at the Focal BE 1000 series system without the sub, because I already have a JL audio Fathom F113.

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I may down grade (for the size)my Polk Audio Monitor speakers (Towers and center)to some Wharfdale Diamond 10 bookshelf speakers and the center (an upgrade on the sound quality).
I've been reading a lot of great reviews of the Wharfdale's; they also look sexy and don't brake bank.

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I voted blu ray. I have a Sony in the basement theater that I am quite pleased with but in the bedroom I have a Panasonic DMP-BD60 connected via HDMI to a 52 inch Sony LCD that has caused me many headaches. Ever 10-20 minutes the sound cuts out and I need to pause the blu ray to get it to come back. I have replaced cables X2, no luck. I have updated the firmware many times, no luck. I know Panasonic is pretty highly rated, but my particular machine has not impressed me. I just nede a simple machine for the bedroom system. Any suggestions?

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My next purchase is actually a speaker but I voted other because it will be a subwoofer. I plan on replacing my Paradigm PDR10 with the Paradigm DSP3200 and the PBK. I recently auditioned one at a local electronics store and it sounded awesome should be a great replacement for a great subwoofer in the PDR10.

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I voted speakers. I am currently saving for a pair of Paradigm Studio 20 V5s and Paradigm CC-590 center as well as the Paradigm Studio ADP-590 surrounds.

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I have voted "other" because Im looking at purchasing speakers, amplifiers, and a new processor my next shopping spree.

I've read alot of reviews for Focal's Utopia line but have not found any reviews for the VIVA......(hint, hint). It would be awesome if you could review the Viva for us loyal readers.

I believe the Focal/Bryston are a good match from what other owners have said, but still need to audition before I make the plunge. Also looking into Integra DHC-80.2 for Preamplifier.

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Before I look at equipment upgrade, I really need to assess my Living Room dynamics. No budget for dedicated media room, so how can I best utilize my existing space. Seating / tv / speaker positioning, which may require furniture and/or window treatment upgrades. Big spousal factor here, but that's not an upgrade option :)

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I'm looking for an upgrade in the speaker department and pretty close to pulling the trigger. I currently have the Klipsch Quintet III as my 5.1 surround sound speakers. I was just about to grab the Def Tech BP-8080st's and the center CS-8080HD to match until I stumbled across the Triton Two Towers (Golden Ear Tech). The Golden Ear's are alittle less exspensive but here is my problem. I currently have a $500 gift card for Best Buy and would really like to use it in my purchasing. Best Buy does not carry the Tritons. So here's my question. Can I get the Tritons and then get a Definitive Technology Center Channel from Best Buy using the gift card? Will they mesh? Will it not sound right? Can you mix and match brand names? Would love some feedback.

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Sorry to tell you that mixing different brands of speakers, especially between the front L/R and center, is not a good idea. I would definitely NOT do what you are considering. It is critical that the front L/R and center match tonally to create a seamless soundstage in front; also, tonally matching the surrounds is vital for a continuous surround soundfield. Get speakers from Def Tech or GoldenEar all around. I don't know the Def Techs you mention, but the Tritons are extremely well-regarded by many trustworthy reviewers, including our own Darryl Wilkinson (no relation):

If you do decide on the Tritons, you can always use your gift certificate at Best Buy for something else.

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I will be putting in some outdoor speakers. We just put a pool in, and I'd love to hook up my surround sound B speakers to get some outdoor sound.

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I have a new house and getting all the fun toys for the media room. I am going with the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8700UB Projector and a 120" da-lite screen. I got the pioneer elite vsx-33 for the reciveer for the 7.2 system. As for as the speakers go I am going with (2) Klipsch RF-82 II Floorstanding Speaker, (1)Klipsch RC-62 II Center Channel Speaker and (4) Klipsch R-5650-S In-Wall Surround Speakers. The subwoofer I went with a local company that makes the best subs I have ever heard. That would be (2) Toby cube 14. These are a Dual 10" subwoofer the info on these subs are located here These are my new toys and can not wait to get them all in and experance a movie in my new media room.

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I have spent the past 9 months or so researching A LOT of AVRs. I've narrowed it down to the Yamaha RXA 2010, in part thanks to the review of the RXA 2000 here at HT Mag, and will get it when funds allow (probably before the end of the year). I was almost set on the RXA 2000 but I like the changes made to the 2010 (a bit more iPhone friendly and the possibility of powering two other zones directly from the receiver, now that it has an extra pair of channels).

I wanted a MCH analogue input, 2 HDMI outputs and HDMI switching, at minimum. The Yamaha provides me with those and more, and it fits my budget. I'll be moving my old AVR into the living room, so it's not being put out to pasture (nearly 8 years of faithful service so far).

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I want to upgrade my front 3 [Definitive Technology] speakers (SM450 x2, CLR2002)to some towers and a larger center channel. Im constantly trying to squeeze ever ounce of satisfaction out of my system and driving myself crazy over it.
I'm looking at some BP 7002 or the 8060ST models from Def Tech as a quick fix or the CM series from B&W, etc... Need a mentor ASAP! I am driving myself crazy over my HT hobby.
DT SM450(L&R)
DT CLR2002(C)
DT BP2x (SR)
Denon 3310ci
panamax 5400
ps3, wii
cambridge Audio id100 ipod dock


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I selected AVR as I need to upgrade to one that has HDMI inputs to take full advantage of the HD sound of my blu ray player. I have been looking at Pioneer, Yamaha, and Onkyo as they seem to make the best receivers in my budget. I'd also like to upgrade my centre channel to match my Paradigm main speakers.

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Once RealD comes out with it's passive 3-D at full 1080P, using an actively polarized screen, I'm in. And I am pulling for their partner, Samsung, to make it in 72",

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Ten years ago I bought the works...Pioneer Elite 510 HD RPTV, Elite receiver, and Elite DVD player. Two months ago, the DVD player decided to stop reading discs of all type, and two weeks ago my receiver stopped playing anything but static out of the right rear surround channel. The DVD player is no big whoop (just an annoyance) as I've been using my PS3 instead. Loosing the rear channel? Sending me into fits.

I've started looking, I'm gonna be in the $500 range budget wise. I honestly don't know where to start though. I'd still like a super vid input (for my laserdisc player), but that would eliminate Pioneer. I'd like something that has a good vid processor in it, which brings me back to Pioneer! I'm not planning on ditching the TV just yet (c'mon passive glasses 3D Plasma!), so I still need component inputs since I can't use HDMI. That also means I need plenty of optical inputs for audio. Or I might have to buy an HD Fury in addition to the receiver since any of the receivers I've casually glanced at have ditched all those things in favor of having 6 or 7 HDMI inputs.

See, this is why I bought everything at the same time 10 years ago. All the tech matched. Now I can't afford to do that, so I'm trying to Frankensteining it, but there's so many issues to contend with. Issues that if I'd just buy a TV at the same time, would go away for the most part.

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Hi Im a newbie here. I am building a little home theater system with an LG 55lw5600 tv, pioneer elite vsx-50 receiver, and mirage nanosat 5.1 speakers. Ive listened to it in the store, but Id welcome any input if you think there is something better out there. Im not sure of the blu ray player im going to go with yet.

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Ok, so, strictly speaking, I had already made my purchase when this survey appeared, but since the final part of it--the TV--was delivered just two days before it appeared, I think my purchase counts for purposes of the survey! (Also, I've been through several TVs in this process, so I wasn't confident that my system was complete when the survey appeared!!)

I answered "complete system all at once". My system's a budget-system compared to many that readers of this site would build, but I live in a small(ish) one bedroom apartment with no dedicated home theater room (just a living room, the decor of which is largely under my wife's command!!). Given that, I think it is pretty nice, and I am *very* happy with it.

The centerpiece: a Sony XBR-55HX929. (This was really outside my budget, but after 3 previous sets not working out for one reason or another, I decided to bite the bullet.) As long as your viewing position is centered on the screen (or very nearly so), a stunning picture. Great color. Deep, inky blacks.

The sound: I've combined a Pioneer VSX-1021-K AVR with a set of Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers. Rocks our 12'x10' room. (I had initially gone for a soundbar--the Sony HT-CT150. Though the compact, simple design was wife-approved, neither of us was even remotely satisfied with the sound.)

The source (and the only part of the system I already owned): a PS3 (fat) (Occasionally: a Comcast cable box or our Wii; but we almost always use the PS3). I know it is no longer the best Blu-ray player, but it is good enough and versatile enough to make buying a new Blu-ray player seem a needless expense.

As I said, I am very happy with the system. The best test we've put it to so far was Toy Story 3 (blu-ray), upon the recommendation of's Ultimate Demos blog. It was *awesome*. Hands down the best theater experience I've had outside of, well, a real theater!

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So here is an interesting question for the group. I have two AVR's today, one upstairs Yamaha rx-v2400 attached to 7pm ceiling jamo speakers and a velodyne sub. Downstairs I have a denon 2805 attached to mirage nano stats and mirage sub. As well the denon has a second zone outside.

I want to upgrade one of these with a new receiver. Thinking of either the Yamaha rx-a1010 or pioneer elite sc-52.

First thought is which old receiver should I replace. I can't afford to replace both at this time. I split my time 50/50 between the 2 rooms even split between music and movies in both places. in both instances today I am running hdmi directly from blu-ray into tv both tv's are Sony xbr series not 3D ready. all other connections through component video.

2nd question what receiver. I have always had either Yamaha or Denon equipment. No ridicule here please but I went to my local Best Buy to listen to AVR's today. I didnt much care for the sound from Denon 2312 but did like the Yamaha rx-a1000 (will get 1010 when available) and the Pioneer Elite sc-52. granted listening environment not great and they run this bluRay that plays 2 minutes of a scene and then switches so hard to get good comparison. so open to thoughts based on my other components as to which receiver would be best fit for me. I know the Pioneer has THX is THX a big deal?

As you can tell I keep my equipment for a long time so any assistance would

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I hope to purchase the new XMC-1 pre/pro from Emotiva when it comes out. I already have the UMC-1 and I would like to replace it even though the sound is fantastic.

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Ok so I'm new to home theater in general. I've dreamet up this component list of what I'd like to buy here in the near future. I'll have to do it in small steps. I've been researching for the past 4ish months on what to buy and educating my self about home theaters in general. I mainly want to use my theater for cable, blueray, 3D blueray, lots of internet videos, music, and video games.
T.V. Sony 60" 3D LED-LCD KDL60EX720 Don't really care for 3d much yet but, my kids will like it.
AVR Not sure which yet Yamaha RX-V671, Pioneer VSX-1021-K, Denon AVR 1912
Speakers Haven't quite figured out how to match speakers yet. I like the idea of a set of Klipsch Speakers. Now if I'm right all of the AVRs that I choose rated at 90 watts RMS per channel and 8ohms so I need speakers that are rated for 90 watts RMS and 8ohms? What if I buy speakers that are rated at 150 watts RMS and 8ohms? Also since the AVRS all are 7.1 Do I need to have speakers for all channels? Can I run a 5.1 setup with those AVRS? And, last for the rear speakers I like the idea of using floor standing speakers for the front L/R and also for the rear L/R speakers. It seems like most setups are 2 floor standing speakers and two rear bookshelf speakers. Does it matter?
3D Blueray/DVD PS3 320GB Is that a quality 3D Blueray/Blueray player? Or does it not matter everything will be hooked up with HDMI 1.4. Also an Xbox 360
Home Networking Apple 3TB Time Capsule. I plan on having everything connected to the router by LAN. So I can use airplay I also watch alot of videos from the internet so I want to be able to channel everything through the T.V./AVR.

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