What a Dad Wants

What did you get your dad for Father's Day this year? Another crappy tie? Ugly coffee mug? Electric shaver? Wouldn't you like to know exactly what dear old dad wants?

Circuit City did just that. They surveyed 4,100 fathers, and the results are out just in time for Father's Day shopping.

So, what did the survey say?

Not surprisingly, 52 percent of the dads said they wanted an electronics gift (which is why you should check out our Father's Day Gift Guide). Only 16 percent wanted clothing, and only 13 percent wanted sports gear. Guess you better return that spiffy new Colnago.

Within  the electronics category, 75 percent of the surveyed dads felt that a GPS unit would help improve the quality of a road trip. This from men who probably hate stopping to ask for directions. Perhaps the record gas prices are fueling the GPS boom - more efficient route planning, traffic alerts, plus some that can post current gasoline prices along the way. Only cell phones ranked higher than GPS, weighing in at 93 percent.

CircuitcityinteriorcropOddly, only 24 percent said that an MP3 player was very important for a road trip, and only 20 percent said an upgraded car stereo was important. Gee. Don't you feel silly paying for that premium sound system? What did your dad have to say about that?

You could take a chance with another tie, but apparently all Dad wants is some new gear. Come on - who doesn't love new electronics? -Leslie Shapiro

Circuit City