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What Are You Most Excited About From CES?

As you can see from 15 pages of CES coverage here on, there were tons of fascinating announcements and introductions at the annual geekfest in Las Vegas. Now, it's your turn—what are you most excited about from the show? After you make your selection below, I encourage you to be more specific in the comments—is there a particular product or company you're especially interested in?

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What Are You Most Excited About From CES?

KikassAssassin's picture

In terms of home theater, I'm most looking forward to OLED TVs.

I'm also looking forward to 4K LCD displays, but for a different reason: Not for their use as TVs, but for the potential that the technology will work its way into computer monitors.

JudgeSmails's picture

Either OLED or when Scott helped me break into the 3D Panel Discussion.

I would elaborate on OLED by pointing out the new "Dual View" ,or whatever they call it, feature on the Samsungs. Having the ability to watch two different things at once on the same TV. Very intriguing.

Colin Robertson's picture

I voted for "Advanced user interface (voice & gesture control, etc.)", although I didn't see any particularly excellent examples. Like the way the iPhone changed the landscape of how we interact with our phones, sooner or later something will change the way we interact with our TV's for the best, and NOT just by adding apps and widgets.

starfury's picture

Still waiting for Panasonic to release a 70+ version of their plasma line. That's when I will be excited....

David Vaughn's picture
I'd prefer a 70+ inch OLED for under $5K! Plasma is SO 2005 :)
Jarod's picture

I am very excited about large OLEDs finally being shown at CES. Excited to see those later this year n the showrooms if the companies are really for sure they can get these out by the end of the year as they say. Also, 4k panels are very intriguing for there ability to display full 1920x1080 to each eye with passive 3D. Really looking forward to viewing these new gems hopefully later in the year.

Tucker1011's picture

Now, I will definitely not marginalize 3D or 4K. That's the sort of thing somebody who thinks Plasma is exiting the market in the next 3 months entirely would do. From where I'm standing though, it's a problem of content - and the market forces of content. As a someone who works in a sales specialist position, I still see the divided line of traction of Blu-Ray. It's like a posi-diff, one wheel's got it and the other doesn't. In contrast, there is one thing that's affects all of your content - well, contrast. As much as I love my plasma for all of my Blu-Ray, (definitely not ever MKV - suck it SOPA), and gaming needs; the black levels still lack in comparison to OLED.

It hurts me when I look at my Zune HD, no matter how small it might be. The OLED is just so, black.

When game consoles output in 4K, and all games are 3D, I'll be on board. Until then, I want me some juicy OLED goodness - and maybe a 3D computer monitor...

loop7's picture

I would be so happy with a great 50" OLED 1080p under $2,000 with most of the bugs worked out.

Ramesh Ranganathan's picture

i am interested in 3d home projector to watch movies in 100" at least will give theater experience at home with our convenience