SV Poll: What’s Your AVR Deal Breaker?

When it comes to buying AV gear, no product requires more thought and consideration than the AV receiver, which serves as the core component of many home theater systems. Given the typical AVR’s copious features, what’s the one you can’t live without or, put another way, which of the things listed below is the ultimate deal breaker in your book? Be sure to scroll down to Comments and tell us why.
SV Poll: What’s Your AVR Deal Breaker?
Ineffective room correction/EQ
21% (205 votes)
Lack of effective dynamic volume/dynamic range modes
3% (34 votes)
No AirPlay
5% (48 votes)
No Bluetooth
1% (9 votes)
No Wi-Fi
3% (26 votes)
Not enough power
35% (338 votes)
Too few features
7% (72 votes)
Too many features
7% (66 votes)
Overly complicated operation
18% (181 votes)
Total votes: 979