Video Streaming Explodes

Video streaming has grown from an emerging category of program delivery to an option enjoyed by the majority of Netflix subscribers. And for TV addicts, the selection of shows from various online sources is near comprehensive.

Netflix reports that 61 percent of its subscribers streamed programming in the second quarter of 2010 vs. just 51 percent in the previous quarter and a scant 37 percent a year ago. Streaming is a benefit of Netflix membership. Even the $8.99/month plan, which allows one hard-copy disc at a time, also allows unlimited streaming. See Netflix press release.

If you're looking for recent TV shows online, chances are good you'll find what you want. Ninety percent of 2009-2010 season shows are available online. Half of those are available within a day of original air date and most of them stay online for a week or so before becoming unavailable or pay-only. See Clicker Blog.