Verizon Targets 30 Million Homes for 5G Service

Verizon said it plans to build a super-fast 5G fixed-gigabit wireless service serving 30 million homes “over the next few years,” according to a report in Telecompetitor.

The new service will target homes outside of markets served by Verizon’s fiber-to-home Fios service, the report said, noting that the estimate is based on the results of 5G propagation tests conducted this year.

Based on comments made by Verizon CFO Matt Ellis at a recent conference, the report said Verizon’s 5G fixed wireless trials exceeded expectations, achieving gigabit speeds over distances as great as 2,000 feet with no need for direct line-of-sight, making it well suited for multi-unit residential buildings.

Verizon expects to make 5G fixed wireless available as a stand-alone offering or in combination with voice and video, the report said.

The news follows Verizon’s November 29th announcement that it will launch 5G service in Sacramento, CA and three or four other markets in the second half of 2018. The service will offer broadband, video, and voice services, with speeds of up to 1 Gbps, according to the report.

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It would be great to have something besides Comcast in my area for broadband!

Centurylink is in my area too but they are slow and the service is quite bad.