Upgrade Fever Hits Samsung BD

Samsung's BD-P1500 is getting better. BD Live is the next big thing to hit Blu-ray players, and it's now available as an upgrade for the Samsung BD-P1500. The upgrade is available as a download that you can get two ways. Connect the player to the Internet for an automatic update, or download it to a CD on your computer.

What else will you need?

To make BD Live work, you need to add at least a 1GB USB flashdrive to the player. Cheap, for the benefits. This player also has BonusView. So this Profile 1.1 player can become a Profile 2.0 player with very little expense.

With this player selling for less than $300, and a whole bunch of new Blu-ray titles about to be released, what's holding you back? -Leslie Shapiro

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