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If you tried to visit or and ended up here on, it's not a glitch in your system or a mysterious malfunction of the Internet—it's by design. We have integrated UAV and HTD into our flagship site in order to create the Web's most comprehensive resource for those seeking practical, real-world information about what to buy, how to shop, how things work, and how to get the most from all the products that make home theater so entertaining.

Of course, we will continue to post articles and reviews from Home Theater magazine—the bible for serious enthusiasts intent on achieving the highest level of home-theater performance. But you'll also see Web-exclusive reviews of the industry's biggest-selling products—the ones you often see in Sunday circulars and on the best-seller lists at major online retailers. Are they worthy of their status? Our expert staff will tell you in no uncertain terms, and we'll compare them to other products in the same category and price range to help you make the best selection in a sea of alternatives.

Other new articles will explain what you need to think about before you venture forth to shop for your next piece of home-theater gear. And once you get it home, we'll be your go-to source for advice on how to optimize that new toy so it looks and/or sounds as good as it possibly can. If you're confused about how a certain audio or video technology works, you'll find a clear, cogent explanation here at

Not only that, we'll continue to answer individual reader questions about specific products and A/V technologies in our Ask Home Theater blog, so please send your questions to And for those who like to get geeky, the Home Theater Geeks podcast will now appear each week on

If you've enjoyed seeing and learning about the beautiful dedicated home theaters on, the new has you covered as well. We'll be highlighting new theater rooms on a regular basis, and readers can continue to submit photos and descriptions of their own theaters to We'll select the best ones to feature in Home Theater magazine and on the site. Well-photographed do-it-yourself projects are especially welcome.

For those who have registered on or, your username and password will now work on If you've also registered on, be sure to use that login info, not the username and password you established for either of the other two sites.

If you're looking for specific content from UAV or HTD, you'll find those article categories in the site map at the bottom of each page on HT. All the various types of interiors from HTD have been consolidated into one category—AV Interiors—and Ultimate Gear from UAV has been merged into Ultimate Tech.

So welcome to the new and improved Please drop us an e-line at to let us know what you think and what sorts of information would be most helpful to you. We also invite and encourage you to post comments and user reviews on all of our articles—after all, this website is a two-way street, and we definitely want to hear from you!

SunriseGatefield's picture

I love the unification of these three great sites! Individually they are awesome, together... an absolute rock crusher! Looking forward to all the geeky ht goodness!

DaleC's picture

My two favorite sites are now merged? Awesome! That means less surfing for the same excellent content on things that I may actually own and things of which I can only dream.

VeganMike's picture

Well, I admit that I check all three sites daily, and this will speed that up a bit, so I'm more than happy to see all three sites merged together.

But this means that my beloved Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, which I subscribed to in the '90s and followed in its web inception after publication ceased, no longer exists as a separate entity. Even though so much of what was great about SGHT is still around, I can't help missing my favorite mag!

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Yes, it's a little bittersweet for me too. I helped launch SGHT way back when, and I was the primary contributor to UAV for the last three years, so I feel a bit of sadness at its passing as a separate entity. But its spirit will live on here at HT, and I'll be writing more reviews of real-world products, which will be much more useful to many more people.
Billy's picture

Such change. Over the years I have subscribed to Srereophile, Stereo Review, Video, Video Review, UAV, Sterophiles guide to AV, HT,HT Interiors, plus others besides that. They all have had a special place in my heart and have been saddenned by each ones passage. Is all this carnage related to marketplace realities such as not enough to write about to make each unique, corporate take overs that duplicate content, or lack of print readership? Just curious. I will say though, I have kept many of the old mags from 30 years ago and they are a hoot. I highly recomend others out there to do the same to compare and contrast what we have now and what we used to lust for. Might also be an excellent idea to put some of those old articles on your new website for us. I am sure we would all be appreciative to see just how far we have come in a short time.

John Atkinson's picture

"Over the years I have subscribed to Stereophile, Stereo Review, Video, Video Review, UAV, Stereophiles guide to AV, HT,HT Interiors, plus others besides that. They all have had a special place in my heart and have been saddenned by each ones passage."

Stereophile is still very much alive. You can find 1000s of articles and reviews on-line at and the paper magazine continues to hit newsstands every month.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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Hi Scott, I understand the need to consolidate into one website, but I was hoping to still see the 'ultimate' gear from time-to-time. As an example I also read Car & Driver because I like to know about what my next potential car purchase will be (read minivan, or 4-door) but I also look forward to reading about the supercars from Italy, Germany, etc. So I hope to still see top shelf gear from time-to-time.