Tube Amps for Pocket Change Bottom Line

Bottom Line

What started as a joke rapidly turned into flat-out amazement. I had thought these amps would be good for a laugh and I’d be able to make all sorts of funny analogies about how bad they sounded. Nope. Well…in the case of the Bravo Audio V2: Yup. But the Nobsound NS-08E and the SainSonic Biggermouth A1 legitimately sounded great. The FiiO A3 solid-state amp, though not part of the main point of this review, was also a reliable and inexpensive (and portable) unit.

A headphone amp can’t turn bad headphones into good ones. But it can, and most of these amps do, make great headphones sound just that little bit better. And for $50 (or less!), that’s pretty cool. I’ll be happy to use the Nobsound, at least, long after my cast comes off. Uh, not that any of that was real. Just an example.

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As long as I have read S&V you have never mentioned Dared Audio or other Asian brands.. I wonder why?

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Sorry - but I have this product and there is a lot of noise... lots of "electrical" interference. Not great.