Toshiba's Turning Green

Toshiba changed their stripes when Blu-ray demolished HD DVD. So, in addition to abandoning red, they're going green. Methanol fuel, produced naturally from a variety of sources, is the main component in Toshiba's Direct Methanol Fuel Cells. Toshiba also announced a new Toshiba television on an entirely new platform, slated for the retail shelves by the end of 2009. The new microprocessor at the core of the TV is called the Cell, and the new television is called, appropriately enough, Cell TV. Standby. Science lesson coming up.

Logo_1 The Direct Methanol Fuel Cells rely on a reaction between the gas, water and air to produce electricity, with two by-products: water vapor and carbon dioxide. They are recharged by simply adding more methanol. With no shortage of methanol in the world, this is a great green option.

The Cell TV is an exciting development. Using the same chip that's used in Sony's Playstation, the Cell microprocessor gives a television the advantage of high-speed graphics processing. (The Cell was developed by Toshiba, Sony and IBM.) It can upscale standard def quickly, efficiently and effectively, and has no problem displaying multiple video streams.

The Cell TV is a good development for Toshiba, but they'll be singing the praises of the Direct Methanol Fuel Cells until the cows come home.-Leslie Shapiro

Methanol molecule model courtesy of ALoopingIcon

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