Toshiba SD-4800 DVD-Audio/Video Player Page 2

KEY FEATURES • Plays DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs, DVD-R/RWs, DVD+RWs, CD-R/RWs with MP3 files or JPEG pictures • Progressive-scan output with 2:3 pulldown processing • Built-in Dolby Digital decoder OUTPUTS composite, component (switchable between interlaced and progressive-scan), and S-video; coaxial and optical digital audio; multichannel analog audio, stereo audio DIMENSIONS 16 7/8 inches wide, 3 1/4 inches high, 8 3/4 inches deep WEIGHT 6 5/8 pounds PRICE $280 MANUFACTURER Toshiba America, Dept. S&V, 82 Totowa Rd., Wayne, NJ 07470;; 800-631-3811

HIGH POINTS • Outstanding CD performance and very good DVD-Audio performance. • Multiple menu-control systems. • Front-panel disc-navigation controls. • Inexpensive. LOW POINTS• No bass management for DVD-Audio. • Cannot set front left/right speakers to "small." More: In the Lab (PDF)