Test Report: SVS PC-13 Ultra Subwoofer Page 4


Frequency response

  • 24 to 141 Hz ±3 dB (all ports plugged)
  • 20 to 96 Hz ±3 dB (all ports open)
  • 19 to 96 Hz ±3 dB (one port plugged)

Bass output, 20-Hz mode, ports open (CEA-2010 standard)

• Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz) average: 116.9 dB

  • 20 Hz       114.6 dB L
  • 25 Hz       117.5 dB L
  • 31.5 Hz    118.3 dB L

• Low bass (40-63 Hz) average: 125.8 dB

  • 40 Hz      126.2 dB L
  • 50 Hz      125.2 dB L
  • 63 Hz      125.9 dB L

Bass output, sealed mode (CEA-2010 standard)

• Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz) average: 108.2 dB

  • 20 Hz       103.0 dB L
  • 25 Hz       105.8 dB L
  • 31.5 Hz    112.8 dB L

• Low bass (40-63 Hz) average: 123.9 dB

  • 40 Hz      122.7 dB L
  • 50 Hz      123.7 dB L
  • 63 Hz       125.2 dB L

I measured the frequency response of the PC-13 Ultra using ground-plane technique with my Clio FW audio analyzer in log chirp mode. At the recommendation of SVS’s Ed Mullins, I placed the sub on its side for all measurements, with the microphone equidistant from the driver and the ports.

The ±3-dB frequency response extends as low as 19 Hz with one port plugged. It’s 24 Hz with all the ports plugged and 20 Hz with no ports plugged. So any way you go, there’s enough ultra-deep bass response to shake your couch.

I performed the CEA-2010 output measurement in the two most extreme modes: all ports open and all ports sealed. Measurements were made at 2 meters; I added 6 dB to scale the measurements to the 1-meter reporting standard mandated by CEA-2010. An L appears next to measurements in which the results were dictated by the unit’s internal limiter; in this case, the limiter determined the maximum output at all frequencies. Averages are done in pascals per recent amendments to the CEA-2010 procedure.

The low bass (40-63 Hz) output in 20-Hz/all ports open mode is the highest I have yet measured from a subwoofer, averaging 125.8 dB. The average in the ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz) is 116.9 dB. Switching to sealed mode reduces average output by 1.9 dB in the low bass and 8.7 dB in the ultra-low bass.

I also measured the performance of the various DSP functions, including the low-pass filter and the parametric EQ, and all performed exactly as they’re supposed to. This is unusual for a subwoofer; typically, the calibration of a subwoofer’s controls is not this accurate. — B.B.

Bottom Line

The SVS PC-13 Ultra is one of the best subwoofers?you can buy. It offers a range of sound characters to suit different tastes, enough digital features to optimize the sound for any room, and enough power for any conceivable residential application. Sure, it’d be nice if it were smaller or cheaper, but if it were, it couldn’t do what it does.


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Something seems wrong with the measurements. There is nearly a 10 dB increase in output going from the 31.5Hz to 40Hz measurements!