Sunfire SubRosa Flat Panel Subwoofer Manufacturer's Comment

Manufacturer Comment

I would like to thank Gary Altunian and Ultimate AV for the fine review of our Sunfire SubRosa and Cinema Ribbon system. I enjoyed how remarkably detailed and in-depth the review is, especially by today's sound byte standards.

Anyone that has followed my career knows I have been a fan of ribbon loudspeaker designs for decades. In the 1980's, I designed the Amazing Loudspeaker which was a great performer for its day but it also was the size of a surfboard and needed to be well out in the room; not acceptable in today's living rooms.

Actually, these small speakers had their beginning as an eviction notice. I had big speakers in my living room for ten years, along with oscilloscopes, lots of wire, and crossover parts scattered all over. My wife Diana said: "If you want speakers in here, they must be invisible! I love you, but for the next ten years it's MY turn. I want art, statues, pretty plants, paintings, and a piano."

And so I tried hard to make them invisible, play loud, make a HUGE sound stage, and have pristine imaging inside that big soundstage. While I did not succeed in "invisible", I came close and succeeded with everything else.

With the new line of Cinema Ribbon speakers, we set out to deliver the same high performance but in a size and form factor that people would find unobtrusive. This endeavor started with the Duo last fall and is now evolving into an exciting family of loudspeakers that are ideal for both music and home theater.

As the review indicates, both the SubRosa subwoofer and Trio CRS-3 loudspeaker are intended for use on-wall, to complement the wide array of flat panel TVs in use today. A discriminating listener can now have audio that not only looks and sounds great, but fits their lifestyle too.

For those who are interested in the SubRosa and Trio but are looking for "hidden high performance", I also want to mention that we just introduced in-wall versions of each at the recent CEDIA Expo, and they'll be shipping just in time for the holidays. Thanks again for listening!

Best Regards,

Bob Carver

Founder & Chief Technical Officer