Stewart Filmscreen Revamps a Classic

Stewart Filmscreen today announced that it has re-engineered a classic projection screen it introduced more than 30 years ago — the Luxus Classic Model A.

The retractable ceiling-mount screen has been redesigned from the ground up to simplify installation and in-field serviceability, and features a sleek, customizable housing with new internal mechanics and a quieter motor.

Instead of having to take down the screen and ship it back for servicing, the screen’s motor and roller tube can now be changed in a few minutes right in the field. The roller-tube mechanism was also redesigned to minimize horizontal lines in the image area.

Integrators can configure the new Luxus in seamless widths up to 13 feet across using a new configurator tool on Stewart’s recently redesigned website, and customize the screen housing with matching black, white, or polished aluminum end caps. Other enhancements include new, easy-to-install wall and ceiling mounting hardware and strong tab-tensioning to ensure a smooth screen.

As with all Stewart screens, custom options are available to deepen black levels for improved contrast or to manipulate screen gain to achieve an optimal trade-off between brightness and viewing angle. In all, Stewart offers more than 25 reference-quality fabrics designed to deliver “best-in-class uniformity and color accuracy and preserve the resolution of even the most advanced projectors.” Many of the fabrics are also available in an acoustically transparent perforated version for front-projection setups with speakers behind the screen.

The Luxus can be integrated into a variety of control systems — with specifications for 12-volt trigger, low-voltage control, or infrared (IR) — or set up with a simple AC wall switch. RF remote capability is also available through the Wi-Fi-enabled My Link control system, which works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and through IFTTT.

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