Stewart Filmscreen Cima Projection Screen Test Bench

Test Bench

The results shown here will not be directly comparable to those in other screen reviews. The projectors are not always the same, and there will often be other unavoidable changes in the setups, particularly when the test locations are different. For example, a JVC DLA-X30 was used in the Seymour acoustically transparent screen review elsewhere in this issue, versus the JVC DLA-X35B used for the Cima. The projector in the Seymour review was about 14 feet from the screen, and in this review, it was 13 feet.

With the Minolta LS-100 light meter centered directly behind the projector, the light falloff from center screen to near the left edge measured approximately 36% on the Cima and 42% on the StudioTek 130. Keep in mind that projectors also have a characteristic center-to-edge falloff. Since we cannot judge a projector’s falloff separate from that of its screen, this measurement should be taken as comparative only, not absolute.

We don’t have the test tools needed to precisely measure a screen’s gain, but comparing the Cima’s peak white reading to that of the StudioTek 130 indicated that the latter’s gain was 10.6% higher.—TJN

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