Sony "Me Too!" Movie Downloads for PS3

Playing catch-up with other download services, Sony just announced it will make downloads available on Playstation 3 in the US this summer. Sorry friends in Europe and Japan, you're going to have to wait for information on when you can start downloading. Insiders knew that downloads of TV shows and movies were coming soon, but pushing it up to this summer is a big surprise. But, Sony's a big movie studio too - could it have been that difficult to get that contract worked out?

Psnetworl_2 Sony just released a fiscal initiative with bold plans all the way through 2010, with plans to expand its PC and Blu-ray business, and ensure that 90% of its electronics categories will be network-enabled and wireless capable. Another part of the plan is to make the gaming business profitable by March, 2009. Perhaps this news will push up those profits to hit those lofty goals. -Leslie Shapiro

If you're really bored, for a bit of dry reading you can read the full Sony initiative here.