Sony is "Awfully Close" to 27-Inch OLED

Sony Electronics' president and chief operating officer Stan Glasgow is getting around. His latest dinner companions are dishing the dirt on news Glasgow shared last week. In a report on Barron's, the dinner talk wandered from olive oil to OLED. Not really, but Glasgow did have news about developments in the OLED field. Better news than the bleak prospect for OLED lifetimes we reported here.

Sony is currently selling the XEL-1, an 11-inch OLED TV with a rather steep price tag of $2,500. It's not exactly flying off the shelves at that price.

Glasgow said Sony is "awfully close" to a commercial release of a 27-inch OLED.  Odds are it will be seen in Japan long before we ever catch a glimpse of it stateside. Current OLED technology requires a lot of very expensive manual production, but Sony is looking for a way to automate production, which should reduce price and bring larger sizes to market. Glasgow has said a 40-inch version model will follow the 27.

The 27-inch model could make it in time for the next holiday season. 27 inches? I better make room under the tree. -Leslie Shapiro

Image of 11-inch XEL-1 courtesy of Sony

Via Barron's