Some People Still Love Their TVs

Yesterday we reported a Nielsen survey showing that TV ownership has dropped two percent. Unmentioned were a couple of other TV ownership patterns, both reported by DisplaySearch: Consumers who do own TVs are replacing their sets more frequently. And those who own flat panel sets are likely to own multiple sets.

Worldwide, consumers are replacing both tube-based and flat-panel sets at a faster rate than they had in the previous 10- to 15-year average. What's attracting them are not the latest technologies, such as 3DTV or IPTV, but more basic things such as picture quality and price. See press release.

Meanwhile, it seems those who own flat panel sets love them. Really love them. Love them so much, they want more sets. A DisplaySearch analyst says: "Owners of at least one flat panel TV in developed countries owned 30% more TVs per household than households that didn't own any flat panel TVs. In emerging countries, the difference was even higher on average, with flat panel owners having 37% more TVs than non-flat panel owners." See press release.