Slingbox iPhone app available tomorrow for $30

iPhone users have been waiting on an official SlingPlayer app for quite some time, but here we are on the eve of its release and there's a lot of disappointed placeshifters out there. The most glaring problem with the app is the fact that it won't work on anything but WiFi. That means you can't use any of AT&T's bandwidth to stream your content. So, unless you're at a hotspot of some kind, you can forget about watching your shows. That being said, the $30 price tag seems kind of ridiculous. It would make more sense if part of that price was going to pay for the load on the cellular network, but that's now a non-issue.

If you're not dissuaded by that info, then you'll probably be more than satisfied with the way the app itself works. The interface is smooth and attractive, but the glitz doesn't really make up for the lack of substance. Hopefully, the rumored Hulu app will have a more elegant solution that actually, you know, lets you watch TV over the web on your phone.

More info at the Sling site