Singing in the...Sink?

Leave it to an Italian design company to turn something as mundane as brushing your teeth into art. Musical and visual art, at that. The WET design firm with a creative flare when dealing with plumbing (get it,... wet?...) has come out with a gorgeous new sink, the X-light Surround, complete with an input for your portable audio player. Talk about an iPod dock -- your toothbrush and Nano, side by side at last. The X-light Surround has built in speakers, visible through the transparent PMMA acrylic polymer surface. Just don't let your Shuffle shimmy into the sink. Wanna see more slippery ideas from WET?

Wet_md2a Add your own images to the Meltdown sink, another beauty from WET, to be constantly entertained. (The Meltdown is made from recycled polyethylene, but that's the end of the boring stuff). It has a built-in internal projector that will illuminate the sink's surface from the inside, with either a solid color, your personal icon, or whatever your inner interior decorator can dream of. Of course, we insist that you add the optional waterproof speakers and amplifiers that mount underneath the sink for a totally immersive face-washing experience.-Leslie Shapiro