SIM2 HT3000 DLP Projector: First Look

Price: $15,995

Highlights: 1920x1080 single-chip DLP, Faroudja deinterlacing w/DCDi, separate video processor/switcher, dual HDMI inputs, vertical lens shift, motorized focus and zoom.

SIM2 started in front projection in the grand old days of CRT, which helped the company design digital projectors that didn't look digital. SIM2's entry into 1080p single-chip DLP is the HT3000, which has no MSRP yet, but is due at retail this Spring. Full 10-bit processing from end to end is promised, and the projector will include dual HDMI inputs. Unlike some of SIM2's high-end projectors, the HT3000 will include integrated processing and switching, not a two-box "LINK" solution. SIM2's DLPs have always featured bold styling, outstanding color fidelity and an image optimized for movie watching, with deep blacks, excellent contrast, and an overall aesthetic that is like nothing if not cinema. Shipping now.