Samsung HT-C6930W BD-Receiver System Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

The chart shows the performance of the combined player-A/V receiver. There is no component input, therefore no Analog tests. Scaling was tested 480i to 1080p, rather than the usual 480p to 1080p. (All of our SD discs are 480i; we normally upconvert this to 480p for this test in a trusted, standalone player.) With an external HDMI source, the Samsung will not upconvert; the output resolution equals the input resolution. We did check the HT-C6930W’s HDMI throughput, HDMI in to HDMI out in both 1080i and 1080p. Its video clipping (above white and below black) and resolution (both luma and chroma) were flawless. For 3D playback, we recommend setting the 3D mode control to Auto.—TJN