Rumored Red Hype

Red's an interesting company, creating buzz like no other. There's been so much hype about their new Scarlet camera months before it even exists. Well, they're upping the hype once again.

Without giving any real specifics, Red CEO Jim Jannard hit the RedUser forums once again just saying that there will be news, really big news, come November 13th.

In addition to revising the Epic and still-vapor-ware Scarlet, there are also rumors about a Red DSLR camera. Perhaps this is all in response to the excellent reception of Canon's HD 5D Mark II.

In his posts on the forum, Jim said . . .

"I want to say that no one has any idea how incredible this announcement will be. Call this hype . . . please. I am quite sure that the announcement will be called a 'scam.' Should be a lot of fun to hear the reactions. I can't wait.

". . . We have set our sights high and have learned a lot in the past month or so. We aim to make you proud of your belief in RED. This is the biggest, most exciting and incredible thing I have ever been involved in. Really great stuff. I am confident that you will be pleased. :-)"

We can't say what the announcement will be, but it's gonna be big. I can't wait! —Leslie Shapiro

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